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Volkswagen Specialist Mechanic Lovett Bay

Excellent Volkswagen Specialist Mechanic in Lovett Bay

It can be challenging to find a Volkswagen specialist in Lovett Bay. With all the auto shops claiming to be the best, there’s only a few that can truly deliver their promise of excellence at reasonable pricing. Here at HP Automotive, we take pride in our ability of providing unmatched car servicing to Volkswagen vehicle owners in Lovett Bay and surrounding suburbs. We are a dependable Volkswagen service specialist in Lovett Bay with our best interest in mind, ensuring 100% satisfaction when you entrust your car to use.

Our team consists of skilled auto mechanics with years of experience in servicing and repairing cars of all makes and models. We specialise in car maintenance for European cars, including Volkswagen. If you are looking for dealership quality service and results without breaking the bank, HP Automotive in Lovett Bay is the company to call. Our auto shop is conveniently located in Bassett Street, Mona Vale, NSW.

The HP Automotive Volkswagen Service Specialist in Lovett Bay Advantage

  • Superior Car Servicing

All our car mechanics serving Lovett Bay residents have years of experience in car servicing and are VW factory trained. They are updated with the latest technologies and car servicing techniques to better serve your needs. 

  • Comprehensive Equipment and Tools

You don’t need to go to a dealership to receive outstanding service. Our workshop is equipped with industry leading equipment and dealership-quality tools for accurate diagnosis of your VW vehicle problems. We also employ the utilisation of tools that enable us to resolve problems in a speedy manner. 

  • Superior Parts and Accessories

At HP Automotive, we only use authentic and VW-approved parts and accessories. We will make sure your car receives the highest level of car from start to finish.

Our VW Car Servicing in Lovett Bay are as follows:

HP Authomotive Volkswagen Car Servicing in Bayview

  • Full Log Book Servicing
  • Fleet Servicing
  • Courtesy Vehicles
  • Rego, Blue Slip, Pink Slip, and Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections
  • Our Major Services consists of in-depth analysis of the engine and other integral 
  • parts, including:
  • Engine tune-up
  • Parts renewal and replacement services
  • Upper engine cleaning
  • Comprehensive safety and service inspection 
  • Diagnostic scan and reporting 

Our Minor Services are mostly preventative maintenance procedures that are essential to sustain the proper and safe performance of your car, including:

  • Replacement of lubricant and fluid levels
  • Inspection of parts such as steering and suspension, brake system, exhaust, and other vital parts 
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Battery test and reporting
  • Assessment of air filter, electrical, and lighting components

Why hire HP Automotive for Volkswagen Car Servicing in Lovett Bay?

HP Automotive takes pride in our commitment of delivering the best car maintenance and repair services for Volkswagen vehicle owners in Lovett Bay. We stand by our word of providing you with speedy and efficient car servicing at reasonable rates. Our meticulous attention to detail and precision work will ensure your investment will ride smoothly and safely on the road again. To schedule an appointment with our team of VW service specialists or if you have enquiries, please call our direct line on 02 9779 8372 today.

Minor Service

We don’t just change the oil in our Minor Car Service.We prevent your car from running the wrong way.

Major Service

A comprehensive car service will save you money at the fuel pumpand extending the life of other engine components.

Rego and Blue Slips

HP Automotive can take care of all your car registration needs. We are an AuthorisedInspection Station (AIS) and can issue you with all the relevant inspection certificates.

Brakes and Clutch

Our regular brake and clutch services check for all the common problems that will help extend the life of your car.


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