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Major Car Servicing Sydney – Car Maintenance

This extensive, Major Service includes all the items from our Minor Service, replacement spark plugs and front wiper blades plus an analysis of the engine management system. Our Major Car Service also includes an engine tune, renewing parts that greatly affect fuel efficiency, smooth idle and overall engine performance.
A comprehensive car service will save you money at the fuel pump and extending the life of other engine components.

Major Service includes:

✔ Replace engine oil and filter
✔ Replace spark plugs
✔ Replace air filter
✔ Replace wiper blades
✔ Replace fuel filter
✔ Replace cabin filter
✔ Perform upper engine clean – complete decarb of throttle body and intake manifold.
✔ Complete safety and service inspection of vehicle.
✔ Top up all fluids
✔ Diagnostic scan and report
✔ Service light reset
✔ Charging system and battery test
✔ Brake report and hand brake adjustment

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