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Audi Specialist Mechanic Sydney

Most Trusted Local Audi Specialist Mechanic  in Sydney

When you find yourself in urgent need of specialised Audi car servicing in Sydney, HP Automotive is guaranteed to be the best company that you can truly rely on. From routine safety checks to major repairs on your prized investment, we got you covered. We are one of Sydney’s most reliable experts in Audi maintenance and repair services. Car makes and models designed and engineered in Europe have some of the most elegant aesthetics and impeccable performance. Although European-branded cars are commonplace in Australia, there seems to be a shortage of Audi service specialists in the country. This is where the expertise and experience of HP Automotive comes in. You can rest assured to receive dealership-level service at fair rates.

Why pay more for dealership car servicing when you can receive top calibre Audi repair and maintenance service from HP Automotive. As a full-service and independent auto shop in Sydney, it is our objective to be the better alternative when you need fast, reliable, and efficient car servicing. We are always up for the challenge, whether you own an S4 Sedan, Q3 Sportback, or an RS 5 Coupe, our Audi service specialists are highly skilled and proficient in dealing with any European-branded car servicing concerns.

Reliable Audi Specialist Mechanic Services in Sydney:

  • Our Major Audi Car Servicing consists of in-depth analysis of the engine and other integral parts, including:
    • Engine tune-up
    • Parts renewal and replacement services
    • Upper engine cleaning
    • Comprehensive safety and service inspection 
    • Diagnostic scan and reporting 
  • Our Minor Services are mostly preventative maintenance procedures that are essential to sustain the proper and safe performance of your car, including:
    • Replacement of lubricant and fluid levels
    • Inspection of parts such as steering and suspension, brake system, exhaust, and other vital parts 
    • Tyre pressure check
    • Battery test and reporting
    • Assessment of air filter, electrical, and lighting components

The HP Automotive Audi Maintenance and Repair Specialist Edge in Sydney

  • We know your car best! While you may think taking your car to the dealership is the best option, you may want to think again. HP Automotive is equipped with the same dealership-level tools that enable our mechanics to deliver quality service at more affordable price rates.
  • We are knowledgeable and skilled to work on all Audi makes and models.
  • We are here to assist you through our timely implementation of needed safety and roadworthy tests for renewal and registration purposes. 
  • We help you enjoy bigger savings when you choose to have your Audi vehicle serviced at our workshop. 
  • HP Automotive is an Authorised Inspection Station in Sydney. We issue Rego slip, Blue Slip, and Pink Slip for brand-new and used cars alike. 

Why choose HP Automotive for your Audi Service Specialist Needs in Sydney?

HP Automotive is conveniently located in Bassett Street, Mona Vale NSW. Through the years, we have successfully built strong and lasting relationships with customers all across North Sydney. We have made it our mission to ensure that we constantly communicate with our clients from start to finish. We utilise the most advanced diagnostics and equipment, making sure we resolve your car issues in a timely and efficient manner, every time. If you want to learn more about our Audi service specialist programs in Sydney, call our direct line today on 02 9779 8372 today.

Minor Service

We don’t just change the oil in our Minor Car Service.We prevent your car from running the wrong way.

Major Service

A comprehensive car service will save you money at the fuel pumpand extending the life of other engine components.

Rego and Blue Slips

HP Automotive can take care of all your car registration needs. We are an AuthorisedInspection Station (AIS) and can issue you with all the relevant inspection certificates.

Brakes and Clutch

Our regular brake and clutch services check for all the common problems that will help extend the life of your car.


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