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Here are Signs that Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment ASAP

Owning a car entails a huge responsibility. You need to take care of it properly to ensure its beauty and great performance in the long run. Sydney roads can be a bit tricky to navigate, especially when there are potholes and repair work on the road. One of the things that vehicle owners need to be careful of when driving is the condition of the tyres. As a vehicle owner, you need to be aware when you need wheel alignment services from a  reliable car mechanic in Sydney. It is imperative to obtain professional wheel alignment not only for practical reasons but also to ensure your safety on the road. 

The Advantages of Having a Professional Wheel Alignment in Sydney

  • Fuel Efficiency

Did you know that misaligned wheels can reduce gas mileage up to 10%? Instead of rolling freely, misaligned wheels can lead to dragging. This only means that when your tyres are not adjusted properly, you’ll end up spending more money on fuel. A wheel alignment service can help you save on fuel costs, thus reducing your need to fuel more frequently than needed. 

  • Smoother Ride

Misaligned wheels will more likely pull your vehicle to the left or right resulting in a bumpy and vibration-filled ride. A wheel alignment service from a trusted auto mechanic is the fastest way to smoothen your ride and ensure a better behind-the-wheel experience. 

  • Improved Steering

If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, it will become more challenging for you to steer the car. In some cases, you may even find yourself holding the steering wheel at an awkward position, veering from side to side. Lack of control of your steering wheel also increases your risk of suffering from accidents on the road. Timely wheel alignment will help you steer clear of safety issues and regain full  control of your car. 

  • Reduced Need for Repairs

Roads are not always smooth. If you drive on misaligned wheels, you are more likely to experience bigger problems over time. For instance, hitting a pothole may cause serious damage to your tyres and suspension system with bad wheel alignment. Investing on wheel alignment service can help prevent costly repairs and replacements down the road. 

  • Longer-Lasting Tyres

Misaligned wheels may result in accelerated wear and tear of tyres. If you delay wheel alignment service, you may end up buying new tyres sooner than expected. Here are signs of premature wear and tear:

  1. Feathering is when your tyres become smooth and worn down on one side but remain sharp on the other. This type of tyre issue develops due to improper alignment. 
  2. Camber wear is when the inside or outside portion of your tyre looks more worn than the centre. Camber refers to the angle of your vehicle frame. It can either be positive or negative depending on the degree of angle. 
  3. Heel and toe wear occur when one side of the tread block appears more worn than the other in your tyre’s rolling direction. Excessive noise or vibration is a clear sign of heel and toe wear. 

It is therefore important that vehicle owners obtain wheel alignment services every 6,000 miles. Following this recommendation will help your tyre and vehicles to last longer and perform optimally. We highly recommend scheduling a wheel alignment service appointment at a trusted auto mechanic in Sydney. Experts advise getting your vehicle aligned at the first signs of misalignment. 

When is the Best Time to Get Your Wheels Aligned in Sydney?

If your vehicle has not had one completed since your purchase, we recommend obtaining professional wheel alignment as soon as possible. Ideally, wheel alignment should be implemented every 12 months or every 10,000 miles. This practice ensures that your vehicle remains in excellent condition and reduces repairs and issues down the line. Always seek the expertise of auto mechanics to determine when your next wheel alignment schedule will be. 

If you live in Sydney and are looking for a dependable auto mechanic for wheel alignment and other car maintenance needs, you can always trust HP Automotive to help. We have years of experience in car servicing and repairs. We have the tools, equipment, and products to facilitate wheel alignment services with the utmost speed and efficiency. We perform wheel alignment on all types of vehicles. Our car mechanics will even assess your car and determine the frequency at which you need to set up your car for wheel alignment. 

To learn more about our wheel alignment service in Sydney or enquire about our other services, give us a call today. Our team here at HP Automotive will be more than happy to assist you with your concerns.