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Here are Five Useful Preventive Maintenance Tips for the Changing Seasons

Vehicle maintenance is a year-round activity, but it is especially crucial to take good care of cars when seasons change. As road conditions change along with the change of seasons, vehicle owners should adapt to the changes to ensure safety and maintain the overall efficiency of their vehicle from season to season. 

Obtaining the services of an experienced car mechanic in Sydney will provide you with top-notch service to ensure that your vehicle is safe and efficient to drive in the long run. To guide you in keeping your vehicle safe as the seasons change, here are five preventive maintenance tips that you should consider when temperatures change. 

  • Tires

Changing tires as the season changes is an important element of vehicle maintenance. Whether you have all-season tires installed on your vehicle or rotate between summer and winter tires, you will need the help of professional mechanics to get your tires changed in an efficient and speedy manner. 

If you have advanced knowledge or experience in changing tires, you can always perform DIY. However, if you are unsure about the process, it may be best to leave this in the hands of a professional auto mechanic. 

Apart from tire installation, you will also need regular maintenance for your wheels and tire such as alignment and rotation. Tires will wear over time. Typically, one side of your vehicle will wear tires more easily resulting in uneven driving. If you don’t get the tires checked and balanced, it will become difficult to steer your car in the long run. By rotating the tires regularly, you ensure an even wear on the tread and guarantee a longer lifespan for your tires. 

  • Oil Change 

The hot summer months lead to the accumulation of debris and dust in your vehicle. The dusty and dry roads, occasional rain, insects, and other external factors can wreak havoc to various parts of your vehicle. It is therefore important to schedule an oil change during spring and summer, so it adapts well during the warmer months. 

Changing your oil before spring commences will ensure that vehicle components are adequately lubricated and won’t deplete as a result of higher temperatures. Fresh oil will prevent it from becoming clumpy and stock that can lead to more problems in the future. Ideally, an oil change should be conducted every six months or 10,000 miles. 

  • Braking System Maintenance

The braking power of your vehicle decreases during colder months of the year. Before the fall season starts, it is highly recommended to have your braking system inspected by an experienced auto mechanic. An assessment of your vehicle’s braking system includes a thorough inspection of the rotor, drum, calliper, and pads to make sure everything is in good working condition. 

If you haven’t changed your car’s brake pads in a long while, it’s the best time to have them replaced with new ones. Remember that prevention is better than cure. When the brake pads are showing signs of wear before the colder months, auto mechanics will recommend having them changed for safety reasons. 

  • Heating and Air Condition Inspection 

When the weather changes, you’ll want for your vehicle to regulate the indoor temperatures accordingly. Seasonal changes are a good time to have your air conditioning and heating system checked. A skilled car mechanic will conduct a thorough inspection of your air conditioning and A/C system and identify areas that need to be repaired or replaced. Leaks and malfunctioning vents will need to be fixed immediately, so you remain comfortable regardless of the season. 

  • Car Tune-Up

If you are unsure which part of your vehicle requires maintenance or repairs, a tune-up is an excellent way to restore your car’s top condition before the seasons or weather changes. During a comprehensive car tune-up, an auto mechanic will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle and take note of parts that need to be serviced or repaired. A mechanic will inspect the engine, car battery, ignition, and scan for default codes to make sure that your vehicle’s electrical and mechanical systems are working correctly. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to car tune-up, but it’s always best to seek the expertise of an experienced seasoned mechanic to ensure that all the integral parts of your vehicle are checked. When they identify a problem, you can immediately get the repairs and preventive maintenance that your car needs. 

If you wish to learn more about the different preventive maintenance services when seasons change, schedule a visit at HP Automotive today. As a premier auto mechanic shop in Sydney, we provide the utmost attention to detail, precision, and warm service that you deserve. Whether you need routine servicing or major repairs for your vehicle, you can trust that our licensed and skilled auto mechanics will get the job done fast. For additional enquiries, call us on +61 2 9979 8372 today.